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Jay KumarWed, January 6, 2021

New Features

After finishing up the last version, coin page still looked incomplete to me. It seemed like I had all the information there, but a lot was still missing. I started making a list of all the things I look at before investing in something, their number of telegram users, their github activity, their tweets, websites, blogs and so on. I wanted to all this data on the coin page and started designing the best way to do it.

Since I research mostly on desktop, it felt like it would be better to separate the market info section into two - a market info section with the same old market info, but a community section on the right with all these details.

Community Tabs

I realised I could not fit all this data into a single box, but I did not want to add more sections and keep scrolling. I would waste too much time while researching. I decided to add tabs to organise all the data together, the first tab would be a summary section with all the data I usually take a quick glance at, second would be links with all the important links like company site, git, block explorers, documentation etc. Next I added a score section that would tell me things like community sentiment, developer score, liquidity compared to others etc. I also added an empty tweets section which I plan to fill with company tweets later.

A demo of this version can be viewed here -

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