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Jay KumarThu, January 7, 2021

New Features?

Now that I was satisfied with the analytics I was getting out of the coin page,I wanted to see more details about more coins. Coins that I didn't own but wanted to, check up on old coins I had which did good and bad. I needed more perspective and insight on my own trading trends to see where I can improve better.

I was already getting data of other ERC20 tokens using their contract address, I thought maybe if I add the contract address as id in database and then fetch all this data, I could do it. I could make a list of all the coins I wanted to see analytics of, add them to a database as ID, and fill their object with its data constantly and keep it updated. Much like a cache, but in a database.


Once I had the data, it was time to display it. I wanted to do it in a very simplistic way but also it needed to be super fast. Being a millennial, my attention span is already low, I knew it would start to really annoy me if it was slow to load, and I did not want to wait for all the coins to load every time I changed the page. I knew I could optimise the queries and get all the data super quick, now displaying it all together without the UI crashing was a challenge.

Although, I only had 200 coins in mind at first, I wanted to eventually take it to the next level with maybe thousand coins or more. I ended up using the Ant Design library and importing a table for it. I have used it in a lot of my earlier projects and its super fast to get it up and running, I could do lazy loading and paging easily if I wanted to.


After I had an idea on how I was going to display it in my head. it was pretty straight forward to code it. I added options to sort using multiple criteria, like rank and market cap etc. But also the ability to sort together, I added priority to first rank then volume and so on, so if both rank and volume is selected it would first take the rank then the volume. I also added the ability to select how many coins you want to see in the table, if I had a portrait screen I could change it to 100 and if it was a normal widescreen I could switch to 50.

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