Comments and minor updates

Jay KumarFri, April 30, 2021

New Feature: Comments

With decentralised listings it felt like there was something missing. I decided to add comments so users could voice their opinions. Right now they are just a basic version of what I have in mind, a user submits the comment and approves it through their ETH public key. The DAPP then submits the hashed text to the backend where it goes through an automated mod process using Google TensorFlow.

As we move forward, I will add more details like upvotes, downvotes, NFT badges for tiered SAR holders, etc. This is a great start and the features developed here will be used for shill my coins coming soon.

Coming Next: Pancakeswap listings

Investor updates

Some of the original investors have pulled out because of price fluctuation. I am still in talks with other investors which will give me an update next week. Additionally, a decision on token lock will be made on Wednesday, 5th of May, whereby, all remaining tokens will be locked depending on how much investment is secured.

Business updates

A company application has been submitted for registration in Singapore. The company will be registered by wednesday next week as well. A decision will be made on centralised exchanges and liquidity mining once it is registered.

Furthermore, a partnership page will be added to Saren to list all our current partnerships and future plans for more transparency.

Updated tokenomics

I have been asked by many users and investors on a concrete list of use cases for $SAR. I have decided to document them as below and will be updating them on Saren:

  • Voting in new coins
  • Creating reddit style posts on shill my coins (Hold 100k SAR for now)
  • Advertisements on Cerberus need to be paid for in SAR
  • 2.5% of revenue from subscription protocol will be distributed to sar holders
  • Tiered SAR holders – NFT badges for 10k 50k 100k 500k 1M Saren holders
  • Advanced analytics for coins (NUPL rating, on chain analysis etc.) viewable by Staked Saren holders
  • DAO for saren developer grants and future features to use SAR tokens for proposals and votes

Future Milestones

I will be releasing a well planned out list of milestones and deliverables for both Saren and Cerberus next week.

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