Company Page and UI update

Jay KumarTue, June 1, 2021

I have just finished my degree yesterday and will be working on Saren full time from now. A key detail missing from the saren website was a company page with our vision, team, partners and investors. I have just updated it with all the current details in addition to any pending partnerships and investors I am talking to.

Additionally, after many talks with accountants in Singapore I have decided to set up the company in Australia. The company, bank and all administrative work has been finalised and approved. I am currently setting up payrolls for all current employees and moving all expenses(server, domain, security etc.) to the company account.

Company page

New company page can now be viewed here. Any new partners, investors and team updates will be added there accordingly.

Team - We are hiring!

All the current team members have been added here with more coming onboard soon. We are in the process of hiring 3 more developers and a marketing executive. Our Linkedin is always up to date so if you are looking for any new team members before they are updated on the main site please check it there.

If you would like to work for Saren we would love to hear from you. Please send your CV with what you expect from us to [email protected].


All our partners have been listed in this section with 2 more coming soon. We are working on integrating these Dapps and will update everyone when it is done. One of the project is quite extensive, so it is taking some time to integrate.


Stacker ventures has been added as our current investor. I am working on two more investments and will update the community when they are finalised.

Minor UI updates

We are currently working on a huge UI update, but it will take months to implement each phase and the backend for all data that is required. Additionally, we are working on adding uniswap v3 data and getting prices directly from the blockchain instead of sourcing it from external services. All these features will be added on Cerberus v2.

While, this is a huge undertaking, there is no need for us to stop working on improving the app as it is. Hence, I have added the comment count and updated all fonts for Cerberus. Once all designs are finished for v2 I will create a separate blog posts with all mockups.

Thank you guys for all the support, now that I have got funding it is time to take Saren to the next level 🎉🎉!

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