Decentralised coin listings

Jay KumarSat, April 10, 2021

Decentralised coin listings are here

I have just implemented the import from uniswap feature. Anyone that is logged in to Cerberus can now list any coin on Uniswap and submit a proposal by going here. The proposal will be live straight away for $SAR holders to vote.

1 $SAR token counts for 1 vote. Each coin needs to reach 1 Million votes within 48 hours of listing, after which, the votes will be tallied. If majority votes for the listing, coin will go live on cerberus.

Note: 1 Million quorum limit is subject to change in the future as we analyse user engagement in voting.

Development wallet tokens unlock and further investment

After careful consideration, I have decided to fund this project myself. Selling $SAR for ~$0.005 makes no sense when the token is holding its value. Additionally, once the vesting period ends, there is no guarantee that an investor does not dump all tokens on the market straight away.

To combat this, I have decided to pay for the majority of all development. I can continue to work full time on Saren and hire some developers for 6-12 months. Furthermore, after every major milestone, 1,000,000 $SAR will be unlocked from development wallet to continually speed the progress of all projects. These token's will be sold at 50,000 - 100,000 per trade over an extended period of time on days of high volume.

20% of the money generated from sales will be added back as liquidity to reduce sell pressure.

Note: This strategy will be adjusted as we progress.


A number of influencers have contacted me for AMAs and so far it has been hard to schedule one as I am not able to find time away from development. I have decided I will do a live coding session next week, where saren community can ask me any question.

I feel this is a better approach as the community members ask me questions instead of an influencer (who may not have an in-depth knowledge about the project).

Another AMA will be scheduled once we have our listing live on Coin Market Cap.

Coming Next: Comments on voting pages and PancakeSwap decentralised listings.

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