Listings and Launch Update

Jay KumarTue, April 6, 2021

Listing on tracking apps

I am happy to report that $SAR has been listed on Delta and Blockfolio. Additionally, you can view the current price and tweets on our Cerberus app by searching for sar in the search bar.

Investors and liquidity update

There has been a lot of investor interest but all required that the token be sold to them between $0.005 - $0.01. I have declined all offers as I do not believe this is the right direction to move forward with the project. I am moving away from applying for bulk investment and would only be accepting small strategic investments by big organisations.

Hence, I am announcing that all tokens will be locked until further notice. The remaining 220M tokens in the liquidity reserves will be used to add liquidity in future through exchange listings and so forth.

Addressing the current liquidity: The current uniswap liquidity is at 500,000+ which is more than most tokens available in the top 500. I feel that the current liquidity is enough for active trading by our users, and until there is an overwhelming need to add more liquidity, I have decided to focus all resources on development and implementing features.

Launch update

We have had an amazing launch for Cerberus, and I am happy to announce that we reached 1000+ unique users this week.

Note: Metric does not take into account any users that have a brave browser or privacy disabled.

Google Analytics

As the traffic increases, we will have maintenance updates to upgrade Saren servers and improve performance. Cache has also been enabled to improve loading speeds as we continue to move out of the beta phase.

So far 221 coins have been added by our users in a permissionless way through our decentralised coingecko import.

Coming Next: Uniswap decentralised listings.

P.S.: I have never worked for the australian government just to be clear.

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