Moontools and server upgrades

Jay KumarSun, May 2, 2021

Server upgrades

Due to increased traffic and many new coins being imported from coignecko daily, I have doubled the bots collecting data and migrated the main Cerberus DAPP server. Loading times should be improved and price feeds should be updated at an average of 5 minutes per coin/token. Database server has also been upgraded for more storage and improved data transfer speeds.

Additionally, we have started working on paging and other performance upgrades for much faster load times.

New Partner: Moontools

We are excited to announce our newest partner Moontools. Moontools offers real-time data for tokens and allows you to monitor and strategize your trades. Their app is a customizable dashboard that allows you to track portfolio, price alerts, market explorer, and many more features coming soon. Moreover, they have advanced features like notifications for new token listings, access to reviews on tokens, partnership perks, etc.

Look out for Moontools button on token pages and wallet page on Cerberus and a Saren icon on their Moontools App.

Coming Next: More partnerships and AMA

AMA Nerd Finance

We are currently in talks of partnering up with Nerd Finance. We have an AMA set up with them on Tuesday, May 4th 2021. We will be tweeting out the exact time and twitch link to watch the AMA later today.

About us page

Due to the increased team size and partners as well as other team announcements coming soon, I have decided to add an about us page on Saren. Keep an eye out for it this week for our existing and upcoming partners.

Timelock Contract

With the registration of our company this week, I have completed and added a timelock contract to the list of open source saren contracts available on our github repository. The timelock contract can be viewed here. It will be used to lock up most of the funds with some tokens left over for current and future investors.

Once the investment paperwork is finalised, their tokens will be added to separate timelock contracts.

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