Pancakeswap and Crypto Chatter

Jay KumarSun, May 16, 2021

Pancakeswap Listings

We are happy to announce that pancakeswap listings are now live. It took a while as the subgraph for pancakeswap is out of sync and there is no reliable way to get historic data for binance chain coins. After somethought, I decided to start storing our own data just like coinmarketcap and coingecko. I had this planned for a while and finally decided to go through with it.

As we move forward with cerberus, we will start generating our own data and stop external API dependencies. Due to adding a lot of new features in the first month we have loaded up on a lot of technical debt. The next milestone will be a major performance upgrade. Think of it as a Cerberus v2 with night-mode, paging, improved UI etc. Obviously, this is a lot of work and we want to get everything right so the next development update will be rolled out in stages over a prolonged period of time.


We have secured $500,000 in investment from Stacker.VC. We are currently finalising more investment deals, and will make a detailed separate blog on investments once everything is finalised.

I have already hired our first full-time developer and will be spending the next two months on a detailed roadmap and marketing plan for Saren in addition to hiring more developers and marketing staff.

Crypto Chatter

I will be going live on Crypto chatter with John Dog later next week on 11:00 CET, Thursday, 20th of May. I liked the format of the show and thought it would help answer a lot of questions from the community and also introduce us to other communities.

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