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Jay KumarTue, March 30, 2021

Saren token is here

As promised, Saren token (SAR) is going live today at 00:00 GMT. After careful consideration, I have increased the total supply from 100 Million to 1 Billion. I wanted to cap the amount of tokens initially so there is no minting function to be able to mint later. Recently a few big projects have been hacked because of the minting functionality of the token, SAR has no minting functionality and only 1 Billion tokens will ever exist.

However, we can still burn the tokens manually (if there is a need for it in future) by sending them to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 address which is often used for burning Erc20 tokens.

For any further details on SAR please visit -

Contract address and deployment

Token was deployed earlier today on Kovan testnet and Ethereum mainnet. Both deployments comply with the universal ERC20 token standard and can be traded and transferred accordingly. If you are unsure or have any doubts, please try the testnet tokens before buying on mainnet.

Ethereum ERC20 address: 0xbd4a858139b155219e2c8d10135003fdef720b6b

Kovan testnet address: 0x26e8cc3eef4df3bd68c28dc748c1ca85f1930932

Use cases

At the moment I have the following use cases that will be implemented in the near future:

  • Governance protocol: Any governance decisions like new token rewards, changes to liquidity reserves etc. will be done through a protocol which will use Saren tokens as primary voting power.
  • Subscription protocol: Holders of Saren will get reduced fees on the upcoming subscription protocol in Q3.
  • Advertisements: Any advertisements on Saren apps will have to paid for in Saren tokens which will be redistributed amongst the app users to build a self-sustained ecosystem.
  • Cerberus: Once the decentralisation of Cerberus is complete, companies will have to hold Saren tokens to be able to list new coins on Cerberus.
  • Shill my coins app: Our next app that will be released in Q2 2021 will be a reddit like forum where Saren holders will be able to make a post about any coin listed on Cerberus.

As the project develops and new apps are added to Saren, more use cases will be created which will use SAR as the primary currency.

Where to buy?

Decentralisation is the core of Saren and in line with this principle, SAR tokens will be listed directly on uniswap. This is to make sure no whales accumulate it in a private or public sale. I believe that everyone should have an equal chance to buy the token, and a public uniswap listing available to all is the best way to go about it.

You will need to import the token in uniswap using the contract address: 0xbd4a858139b155219e2c8d10135003fdef720b6b. It may take up to a minute for it to load on uniswap, just paste it in the search bar and wait until SAR appears right below with an import button next to it.

Alternatively you can click here to go directly to ETH-SAR pair on Uniswap.

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